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  • Message from CEO

    “Towards a society where everyone can keep challenging”

    Technology empowers us to take on new challenges, but it can also make recovery difficult after setbacks or failure. Online negativity can leave people feeling isolated anddiscouraged.

    Brand Cloud believes everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes. We use technology, but our focus remains on people and society. By empowering individuals and businesses to keep striving, we contribute to a more sustainable future. When people can express themselves freely and keep trying, the world keeps evolving.

    We want to be remembered as a company that supports you, even through challenges. That’s our commitment to sustainability.

    Let’s create a world where everyone can keep trying, unconstrained by limitations.

  • Actions

    Eradicating cyberbullying and fake news

    Fake news and online slander harm innocent individuals and businesses. Local governments and others are taking action, but the problem persists.

    Recently, victims have even been forced to stop activities due to online harassment. We see this firsthand with the rise in people seeking our help.

    To safeguard mental health and empower continuous growth, we strive to create a society free from online attacks and harmful rumors. We’re committed to everyone’s well-being.

  • Aim for 25% female managers and 40% female full-time employees by 2027

    We believe in a gender-inclusive workplace. Unfortunately, the IT industry has a low representation of women, with only around 22% of positions filled by women (2021- Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association). We have set targets of 25% female managers and 40% female employees, and we’re actively working to promote opportunities for women in the industry.

  • An environment where everyone can play an active role

    We prioritize a diverse workforce where everyone thrives. Our team includes high school graduates, former pro-gamers, multilingual interpreters, and many others with varied backgrounds. This diversity fosters a rich learning environment, allowing us to enhance our skills and strengths. We’ll continue to strengthen this internal diversity as a core company asset.

  • Utilizing Environmentally Friendly Materials

    In light of environmental concerns, there's a growing demand for paperless. Our company, which handles sensitive information and subjects prone to reputational damage, does not use paper for documents or materials. It is not only from an environmental preservation standpoint but also for security reasons. All documentation is managed digitally, significantly reducing our use of paper. Furthermore, we provide carbon-neutral mineral water for our visitors as part of our environmentally conscious business practices. Looking ahead, we plan to replace business cards with a new material derived from limestone, an alternative to paper and plastic. This material can save approximately 10 liters of water for every 100 cards produced, further advancing our commitment to environmentally responsible business activities.

  • Aiming to Establish a Systems Subsidiary company in Bangladesh.

    Our business spans across the Middle East and Europe, globally. In the developing country - Bangladesh, about 40 engineers trained by our company are involved in system development work. We aim to create employment opportunities within the country and contribute to its social and economic development by planning to establish a systems subsidiary company there. Furthermore, we intend to use our initiatives in Bangladesh as a model case to expand similar businesses in other developing countries, thereby making international contributions.

Additional activities

  • Good Health and Well-being


    “Wellness intro” health care app

    Acupuncture in-office use

  • Quality Education


    Risk compliance education

    Examination & certification fee coverage

    Book purchase

    Allowance for qualified certifications

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth


    Vaccine aid

    Sports facility

    Firefighter’s leave

    Siesta system