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Empowering New Business

Our 'Zero-to-One' Development Assistance Program.

Common Development Challenges
Sound Familiar?

  • Labor Shortage

  • Workload Management and Its Impact on Overtime.

  • Unexperienced Staff

Our Solutions

  • Web System Development

  • Mobile Application Development Services

  • Automation System Development

  • Data Analysis Consulting

  • Building Data Analysis Infrastructure support

  • CTO Advisory

The Development Process

  • 1

    Gathering Information and Consulting

    Understanding Your Business and Proposing Concepts and Business Models.

  • 2

    Rough Estimate and Schedule Planning

    Provide detailed project estimates based on function points, task details, and technical complexity to ensure seamless budgeting and funding.

  • 3

    Requirements Definition

    We allocate time to define project requirements and conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) phase to test feasibility for:

    ・Complex projects, especially large ones

    ・Projects involving data science

    ・Projects requiring integrating with external services

  • 4


    After confirming feasibility through requirements definition and PoC, we will begin the development phase. During development, we may modify requirements to align with evolving business needs.

  • 5


    Our team is responsible not only for ensuring that the system runs smoothly but also for implementing changes based on feedback from users and the evolving business environment. This is especially crucial for applications like SaaS that require regular updates.